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Grease/Fat/Lard Stain Solutions

Tide Solution for Grease/Fat/Lard Stains posted by Tide
1) Using a PLASTIC bucket, create a soak solution by adding 1/2 use (approx. 25 mls) Tide® per gallon of warm water. Allow the garment to soak for up to 30 minutes, weighting the item with a WHITE towel to keep it totally submerged.
2) Wash in warmest water setting with 1 use of Tide. Try Tide® Bleach Alternative.
3) If stain remains, pretreat using Tide® Liquid. (pour Tide on to cover stain and let set for 20 minutes). Then, rewash in warm water with 1 use of Tide before drying. Before treating any garment, refer to the instructions on the care label. Always test solution on a hidden area first. If treating washable silk or wool, follow basic instructions, but hand wash.
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Pretreating on colored fabricsposted by carolyn

I keep a spray bottle with a solution of 1/4 c Tide with bleach Alternative to 16 oz water at my side when I load laundry. I examine each article and spot spray where grease and pooled greasy spots are evident. I then wash my load of laundry as I would normally, depending on fabric and colors, and have great results often with blouses and tops I never thought I'd be able to wear again. This is also very effective with baby clothes where spit up has left a stain. I would add this can be used effectively with "hand me down" baby clothes. You may find that you have to pre treat over a few washings to completely eliminate stains on clothing and bibs that have been washed and dryer dried over a period of time where the stain is "set".

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