Laundry shortcuts for every day
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Spring is in the air and you’d rather be outside than in the laundry room. But somehow clothes have to get clean, and you and your family have to look "put together," right? Take five minutes now and read how to save precious time and effort this spring and throughout the year with these laundry "shortcuts," to real laundry issues, from Tide®.

Simplify for better results

Like you, some products can multitask:

Take advantage of technology

Let the latest laundry tools, like these from Tide, help. All you have to do is keep them in a convenient place — and use them!

  • Stubborn stain? Don't guess how to remove it and maybe treat it more than once. Consult the Tide Stain Brain, online 24 hours a day, for official Tide stain solutions using the products you already have on hand.
  • No time to wait for the rinse cycle? Use a Downy Ball. Fill it and drop it in at the beginning of the wash cycle. It adds fabric softener at the right time so you can go do something else!

Plan ahead

Sometimes, thinking big upfront can save you multiple steps in the long run. The same goes for reorganizing the laundry room and other regular laundry "spaces."

  • Make sure your laundry room and machines are in a convenient place in your house if space allows — preferably near bedrooms or with a direct laundry chute from the areas where most clothes are put on clean or taken off dirty.
  • Add wire racks, shelves and cupboards in creative places, then organize and store in logical fashion for most efficient use of space and product.   
  • Decide if a hamper system will work for your family. Then teach everyone to use it. Get the most out of the system by having different hampers for different colors and fabric types to reduce your sorting time.

Things you can do at home, office, gym or away...

Remember these shortcuts for best laundry outcomes and as preventatives for everyday laundry dilemmas. And if you know about something that works for you, share it with others

  • Act fast for best stain removal results. Check out tips from Tide for treating stains while you're on the go — and remember to take Tide to Go with you to help eliminate many fresh food and drink stains on the spot.
  • Save energy and money while protecting fabrics and colors by washing in cold water and using specially formulated Tide Coldwater.
  • To machine-dry a damp load faster, add a dry bath towel.
  • To avoid unnecessary wrinkles, don't over-stuff the washer or dryer and remove clothes from the dryer right away.
  • Use Febreze to freshen fabrics when you don’t have time to wash and dry items.

See? That didn't take long! Now use these shortcuts and any others you can to not only make the laundry process more efficient but to help you relax and enjoy the time you do spend at home!



Laundry shortcuts for every day

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