Preserving that perfect swimsuit
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The best argument for taking good care of your swimsuits? How about avoiding the painful process of finding a new one! No one likes it when their suit colors fade, or when spandex droops and wrinkles in the back. So when you finally do find that suit that truly suits you, you best take care of it so you can strut in the sun for seasons to come. Take a look at these must-know tips to keep that slippery spandex snappy.

1. Know how to spot a good suit

While style is generally the marker of a made-for-you suit, it never hurts to look at the fabric content for longevity. Here are a few key pointers:

  • High spandex is ideal as the suit will stretch and hold to your shape longer.
  • Polyester blends are good with heat for long-lasting results.
  • Chlorine-resistant fabrics are especially valuable if you're an avid pool-goer (the fabric tags should say if they are resistant).

2. Washing 101

Soaking in water can't get out chlorine, salt water, and the natural oils on your skin — all elements that can wear a suit down over time. So always wash your suit by hand with Tide® TOTALCARE™ after wearing.

3. Double up

It's best to give suits a full 24 hours to dry and regain their shape, so try alternating suits to keep fabrics lasting longer. One great argument for buying multiple suits this summer!

4. Drying dos and dont's

Swimsuits don't like heat. It breaks up their elasticity. So as a general rule, keep suits out of the dryer and out of the sun. Hang dry indoors promptly after washing.

5. Beware of the hot tubs

Between the heat and the bromine, a hot tub is tough on swimwear. But there's no real way around it. Try wearing an older suit that you care less about, and be sure to wash it out as soon as you can.

6. Sunbathing

Turns out, lying in the sun isn't just bad for your skin. But if you're the sun-bathing type, try tanning before you swim. A wet bathing suit in the sun gets more damaged than a dry bathing suit.

7. Don't rub your suit the wrong way

Nothing creates rough surface and pilling more than sitting at the edge of a pool. Be aware of where you sit and lean. Throw a towel underneath you to protect those delicate fabrics.

8. Say "no" to towel wrapping

When you change out of your wet swim suit, it's easy to fold into a towel. But that's like marinating and heating the poor thing. Instead, wash it off and store in a shady place until you can care for it at home.

With these tips at hand, you and your suit are sure to share many special summer days together. From all of us here at Tide, happy swimming!



Preserving that perfect swimsuit

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