Washing in cold with Tide Coldwater
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Do you know the benefits of washing in cold?  Guess what?  Washing in cold with Tide Coldwater can help you save energy and money while providing you with a deep clean. Read on to learn more about the coolest way to clean.

Get clothes clean in cold water

Do you think you have to use warm or hot water to get rid of tough stains? You don’t! Tide Coldwater removes even stubborn stains in cold water better than the next leading regular liquid detergent in warm.

How can that be? Tide Coldwater is specially designed to deliver great cleaning, even on the toughest stains, when used in a cold water wash.

Reduce your warm water costs

Every time you turn the water temperature dial on your washing machine to "warm," you might as well start writing a check to the energy company.

When you wash in cold with Tide Coldwater, you can actually save up on your energy bill. And just think how good you'll feel knowing you've done your part to save precious energy!

Try the cool clean of Tide Coldwater

So, take the plunge and try washing all your clothes in cold with Tide Coldwater. Look for it in our two scents — Fresh Scent and Mountain Spring. Your clothes will get an amazing clean and you'll save energy and money. Now that's cool!



Washing in cold with Tide Coldwater

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