All About Vintage Style Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Who would’ve guessed? These days, one of the best ways to look fresh is by wearing something secondhand. Throughout time, vintage clothes have been prized for their quality and rich history. Especially in today’s world, where fabrics are mass-produced and not always made to last, it’s easy to see why people would treasure unique, vintage styles. (Added October 26, 2009)

Spring Fashion Forecast Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Spring is here! Kick off the fashion-friendly season with some trendy style tips to help you and your wardrobe spring into the season with ease. (Added March 02, 2009)

Clothes make the party Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

After football and food, whats a sports party really about? Clothes, of course. Show your colors with a great football party outfit. (Added January 01, 2009)

Dressing up for the holidays Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Dressing up for holiday events can seem daunting, but don't worry. Learn ways on how to look glamorous at holiday parties. It's your time to shine! (Added January 01, 2009)

Dressing for the occasion Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

The holidays can be quite overwhelming — gifts to buy, people to see, meals to prepare — the list just keeps growing. When the party invitations arrive in the mail the first thing you think is — I have nothing to wear. (Added January 01, 2009)

Finding your fit Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

It's happened to all of us. You get excited when you see a really great outfit in a department store window only to be devastated when you try it on. Why doesn't it look as good on you as it does in the window? (Added January 01, 2009)

Revamp your wardrobe Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

What is more frustrating than trying to put yourself together with clothing that doesn't fit, is thread bare or went out of style? The truth is that a good wardrobe has to be planned. (Added January 01, 2009)

Reviving last spring's favorite outfits Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Get tips for helping last season's favorites rebloom in your closet. (Added January 01, 2009)

The fine art of fall layering Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

It's hard to know what to wear in September. Will you be hot? Will you be cold? With these fashion-friendly layering tips, you'll feel just right all month long. (Added January 01, 2009)

Wardrobe basics - a woman's guide to essentials Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

You've finally gotten your closet full of unusable clothing cleaned out and donated, so what's the problem? You are short on wardrobe basics. Here are some key ingredients for a workable wardrobe. (Added January 01, 2009)