Clothing Tips

Spring cleaning for your bedding Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

After a long a winter, its time to give your bedding a make over with these washing and reviving care tips. (Added May 04, 2009)

The best closet for you Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Having trouble finding that black top? Can't keep track of those ribbon belts? The change in seasons is the perfect time to reevaluate the way you organize closet space. And the key to success is so simple: make your closet work for you. (Added January 01, 2009)

Fabric care in the closet - folding and hanging know-how Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Proper fabric care involves more than just good washing and drying. To help keep clothes looking their best, it may be time to de-clutter your closet. Learn to look after your clothes to help preserve their original appearance and condition. (Added January 01, 2009)

Great laundry starts here Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Whether you are a laundry novice or a cleaning pro, here are some sorting basics to ensure better results. (Added January 01, 2009)

To iron or not to iron Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Ironing can take a lot of time and energy, neither of which are in abundance in today's hectic households. If you want your clothes to have that finished look but don't have the ironing know-how or time, follow these basic ironing tips. (Added January 01, 2009)

Pack smart... look smart Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

It's inevitable - sometime, somewhere - you'll have to travel. Follow these guidelines for clean, great-looking clothes - anytime, anywhere. (Added January 01, 2009)

Revamp your laundry routine Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Make laundry time a bit smoother by learning some easy ways to simplify your laundry routine?Getting your clothes clean and folded will be a breeze after! (Added January 01, 2009)

Travel light and travel right Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Don't let the dread of packing override your summer vacation excitement. Take a look at these packing tips and enjoy your trip! (Added January 01, 2009)

Traveling in packs - keep your clan looking clean and fresh Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Some people just have a knack for traveling. Most of us aren't that lucky. Learn how to keep both yourself and your family looking clean and feeling fresh - wherever you may roam. (Added January 01, 2009)

Know when to fold 'em Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

If you look in anyone's closet, you'll find at least one. Sweaters not only keep you warm, they are a fashion statement. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Do you know how to keep them for years to come? (Added January 01, 2009)