Put the I back in ironing! Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Don't worry about the wrinkle in your ironing style. Keep your clothing looking clean-pressed no matter what. (Added January 01, 2009)

Bleach beware? Not anymore! Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

When we say bleach, what do you think of? Even if you use bleach, you may still be afraid of it and what it may do to your laundry. Let laundry technology replace your fear! (Added January 01, 2009)

Coming out of the dark Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

After spending months in a dark closet or storage box, your seasonal clothes will likely need some special care before they can step back into the spotlight. Here are some tips for taking clothes from under wraps to ready to wear. (Added January 01, 2009)

Learn how to get Febreze™ freshness in the laundry room Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Find out how to fight odors that get trapped in fabrics with a new, fresh approach to laundry from Tide, and enjoy a new scent from Downy and Bounce. (Added January 01, 2009)

Does laundry fragrance really make a difference? Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Whether you like scented or unscented laundry products, fragrance makes a big difference in the ones you choose. Find out what attracts you and what choices you can make. (Added January 01, 2009)

Matching scents can make the best sense Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Dilemma! Your laundry detergent may come in one fragrance; your favorite fabric softener in another. How do you achieve just the right fragrance? After all, you want your laundry to smell fresh, not like a trip through the perfume aisle. (Added January 01, 2009)

Soap Box Science - Tide-Dying Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Looking for a safe and fun way to let kids express their creativity? Why not teach them how to tie-dye clothing? It's a simple process once you learn the ropes. And learning the ropes is simple, thanks to Tide! (Added January 01, 2009)

Static? Take charge with Bounce Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Bounce dryer sheets provide a fresh defense against static cling. Learn how to take charge of your static situation with the promise of freshness from Bounce. (Added January 01, 2009)

Think you know wool? Think again! Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

The new wool: All the warmth but without the itch. Check it out. (Added January 01, 2009)

Wrapping up - a primer on bath towels Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Ever wonder what makes for a good towel? Cotton Incorporated can tell us. They're experts on the manufacture and care of cotton towels. The Tide Fabric Care Network asked them to share their expertise so we could all be in on it! (Added January 01, 2009)