Laundry shortcuts for every day Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Spring is in the air and you’d rather be outside than in the laundry room. But somehow clothes have to get clean, and you and your family have to look "put together," right? Take five minutes now and read how to save precious time and effort this spring and throughout the year with these laundry "shortcuts," to real laundry issues, from Tide®. (Added April 05, 2010)

Preserving that perfect swimsuit Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

When you find that suit that truly suits you, take good care of it with these tried-and-true tips. (Added June 01, 2009)

Long live your clothes Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Do you read the care label before making a clothing purchase? An average of 50% of people do just that, according to a 2006 study by Cotton Incorporated's Lifestyle Monitor. (Added January 01, 2009)

Training pet odors to obey Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Families who love their pets often feel they must learn to live with pet odors. Actually, with a little obedience training (for the owners), your home can be virtually pet-odor free. (Added January 01, 2009)

Pretreating tactics Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Everyone knows that the sooner you pretreat a stain, the more likely it is to come out. But did you know there are pretreating techniques that can help you remove stain mishaps even better? (Added January 01, 2009)

The shocking truth about static Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

What goes on behind closed dryer doors can be downright scandalous. Peeks inside can often reveal socks cohabiting with slacks, t-shirts fraternizing with handkerchiefs.and not to mention the unmentionables. It may be more than you care to see. (Added January 01, 2009)

Soap Box Science Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

What usually happens when two liquids meet - when you pour milk into a cup of coffee, add food coloring to water, or combine two kinds of juice, for example? They mix, right? Well, that's not always the case. (Added January 01, 2009)

Step up to successful sneaker cleaning Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Didn't sneakers used to be less complicated? They were mostly canvas and rubber and came in one color - white. Now athletic shoes come in all shapes, sizes and colors, are highly specialized and are made of many different materials. (Added January 01, 2009)

Soap box science - the "unofficial" history of laundry Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

There are many stories about how soap was discovered. We know that personal cleanliness dates back to prehistoric times. But how did we get from soap to detergent? (Added January 01, 2009)

Your family's jeans - uncovering the secrets to denim care Customer Rating 0 Customer Reviews

Your family loves their blue jeans. And who doesn't? Since the mid-1950s denim jeans have consistently been favorites with youth culture. (Added January 01, 2009)